Ultra high ≥ 10.000 MW

High molecular PIB (400 and higher)

The high molecular PIB types are white to amber of color. Furthermore these types are predominantly composed of aliphatic mono-olefins.

The high molecular PIB types are often used in the following applications:

  • Adhesives
  • Roofing


PIB is an abbrevation for polyisobutylene. Polyisobutene is used to enhance manufacturing processes and product effectiveness.

The extensive PIB line ranges from low viscosity/ low molecular weight grades (300 daltons/ 15 cSt at 40C) to high viscosity/ high molecular weight grades (4200 daltons / 13,000 cSt at 100C).  These products are non-toxic, and are registered to comply with all requirements for cosmetics and food grade applications.


Moluculair weight KV @ 40’C (cSt) Note
2500 120000 Upon request
2700 190000 Upon request
4200 * Upon request
Ultra high ≥ 10.000 MW