Reactivity grades

High reactive polyisobutylenes are bright and clear. HR-PIB is produced from a very pure isobutylene with a high reactivity compared to the conventional PIB. The term “high reactive” refers to the materials increased terminally positioned doubled bonds, also known as the amount of ‘vinyl isomers’ of the molecules. HR-PIB is mostly used as a reactionary intermediate. HR-PIB has an increased polydispersivity index compared to conventional PIB.

HR-PIB is an important intermediate additive for the manufacturing of high performance fuel and lubricants, such as fuel detergents or dispersants for engine oils. PIB-HR is also used as an additive for sludge prevention in lubricants. It offers a cleaner decomposition and no residue in engines, which results in a more fuel efficient engine design. When added to fuel the properties of this product will help reduce the emission of hydrocarbons and particles. It will also be added in small amounts to lubrication oils to decrease the oil mist, which will result in a better final product performance.