Conventional PIB Grades

Conventional molecular weights polyisobutylene (PIB) is a liquid polymer, water white, with a wide range of viscosities, great dielectric properties, chemically stable, resistant to oxidation by light and fluctuating temperatures. PIB is used in many products like: cosmetics, adhesives and sealants, stretch film, lubricants and many more.

The conventional liquid PIB’s can be divided into three groups based on their molecular weight. These three groups are known as Low, Medium & Heavy liquid PIB’s.


All conventional PIB’s have specific physical and chemical properties. The PIB’s are often used as additive in lubricants, it will act as a surfactant, detergent, emulsifier, adhesion promotor and/or viscosity modifier.


PIB has some unique properties:

  • Excellent barrier to moisture and gas
  • Elasticity over a wide temperature range – even at low temperatures
  • Permanent tackiness
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Cold flow for self-healing materials and hermetic sealing of rough surfaces
  • High up-take of fillers
  • Odourless and colourless for superior aesthetics
  • PIB is a non-curable polymer – except by radiation curing – and certain grades of the MW range are very viscous and have high damping properties
  • No engine deposits, low smoke emission and can be used in two-stroke oil